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What we say about Impression Technology is far less important than what our clients say about our products and our performance on their projects. We’re pleased to share the following with you:

“During the past year Impression Technology implemented their iCapture system for the Tax Section of the State of Oregon Employment Department. The quality of the system speaks for itself. The recognition capabilities far surpass our expectations. But what is even more important to us, is the quality of customer service that each and every individual from Impression provided. They proved themselves very technically competent while at all times treating the customer as king. Through every phase of the project (design, testing, training, implementation, maintenance) we were witness to professionalism at the highest level. We were lucky to have worked with such an exceptional group of people. They were awesome!” Jayne Martin, Manager, Tax Special Projects Unit, Oregon Employment Department

“In addition to replacing outdated OCR programs, iCapture has given Wyoming Department of Employment’s Employment Tax Division improved flexibility, full testing functions, an easy to maintain, user-friendly system, and functionality connected to two different mainframe programs and imaging systems. The ability to train new staff in a test environment, at no additional cost, has improved internal efficiencies. The Impression staff were clearly dedicated to meeting our business needs, committed to providing a quality product and easy to work with. A side effect of this project was an increase in the amount of snow Wyoming received while Impression staff were on site, a much needed commodity during times of drought. (An inside joke. Impression staff have a great sense of humor.)” Wendy Tyson, Department Administrator, Employment Tax Division, State of Wyoming.

“I have had the opportunity to work with Impression Technology staff and products this past year. They have been very responsive to our needs and have always exceeded our expectations. They have been very interested in developing a product and relationship with their customers that will stand the test of time. They have offered good advice and excellent support on every issue we have encountered. It is very comforting to know that we have them standing behind us as we move forward in our efforts to streamline our business and move ever closer to our processing goals. I recommend that if you have an opportunity to work with them, try them, you will not regret it”. Mel Kirpes, Operations Manager, State of Washington Department of Revenue

“While I was at EDD, I worked with Impression on a $60 million dollar imaging project. We found the Impression expertise critical to our success. They had the customer in mind throughout the entire duration of the project and were a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Impression Technology”. Josetta Bull, former CIO of State of California, Employment Development Department

“Impression Technology has provided us with a very functional data capture solution. The software has been easy to maintain and designed to be user-friendly. This allows new staff to become productive quickly. The Impression development staff were easy to work with, interested in meeting our business needs, and committed to delivering a quality product. They did not hesitate to provide their technical expertise to help us overcome implementation obstacles during the life of our project.” Randy Oliver, Division Manager, Tax Processing and Accounting Division, State of California, EDD

“The iCapture suite of data capture products is without equal when it comes to the ability to rapidly develop, test and deploy new data capture applications or significantly enhance existing applications. Based on comparison in dozens of OCR data capture solutions, this toolset prepares customers to successfully navigate the path from concept to production in less than half the time required for other leading data capture solutions. The product suite is far more full featured from an administrative standpoint, with superior workflow for managing working inventories that put managers better in control of processing workloads.” Peter Nellius, President, TaxIT Advisory Services

“The change to the Impression software at EDD helped the project greatly. Since over 35% of our projected savings came from the data capture arena the installation and integration of the software helped enable us to make our projected forecast. Some additional gains were maintenance savings over the old software of $1,000,000 over 5 years, the new Impression software did not require as much hardware to run, bottlenecks were improved, increased reliability and customer satisfaction….the customer loved the product and were extremely pleased with the Impression staff.” Martin Gremer, Senior Project Controller, Unisys Corporation

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